Lataro Island enjoys a normal tropical climate with daytime temperatures varying from 28 deg C (82F) midwinter (July) to 32 degrees (90F) mid summer (January). Sea temperatures are similar. There is nearly always a sea breeze. Night temperatures only drop by 3-4 degrees. In midwinter (June/July) it may be cold enough to need a light jumper in the evenings and early mornings. Forget coats, jackets, long trousers etc. Normal foot attire is thongs (flip-flops, Jandals etc). Bring a pair of decent walking shoes suitable for coral reefs, sunscreen and a hat.

The summer period from November to March is a little warmer and more humid. It is also the cyclone season although they are lucky to be to the north of the main cyclone belt. However tropical storms with heavy warm rainfall do occur regularly during this time. It is actually the owners favourite time of year with mainly calm seas and beautiful sunsets.

From April to September or so, the trade winds are blowing and days are mainly clear and sunny without the high humidity of summer. The winds can make the sea a little rougher but there is always a sheltered side of the island for diving and snorkelling and it can make for great sailing experiences.